Marvel Comics Review: New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds

Reading X-Men ComicsPublication: 2002

Writer: Grant Morrison

Odin’s Judgment:

Quality: 3.7 out of 5

Importance: 4.2 out of 5

Recommended Reading For: Anybody who just finished reading New X-Men Vol 1 and Vol 2. Or who loves Weapon X.

If you’ve just finished reading New X-Men Vol 1: E is for Extinction and New X-Men Vol 2: Imperial, prepare yourself for a volume three that is slightly less cosmic in scope (in the same way trolls are slightly less cute than penguins chasing butterflies). This alone isn’t cause for a slight slip in quality, but New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds is a good deal more confusing and scattershot than the preceding Marvel reading we’ve done. Of course that doesn’t mean volume three is a blight on the X-Men universe – far from it!


In New X-Men volumes one and two, we got an introduction to Xorn, the robotic looking alien with a star for a brain and sweet healing powers (I know, I meet people like this all the time). New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds makes it clear that Xorn is here to stay, no matter how hard his name may be to pronounce. New Worlds takes the time to develop the nature of his character a bit deeper, and admittedly, this may not seem like a particularly essential step as you’re reading it. In fact, the Xorn character development is downright confusing at best, and seems like a waste of time at worst. Let me tell you, though, that Xorn’s character will become a major player in the X-Men universe as you continue reading. You’ll thank me later if you pay attention to his character now (assuming of course, that I have actual readers. And polite ones at that).

Despite its flaws and helter-skelter nature, New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds does a couple of things very well. First, the volume expands Wolverine’s Weapon X program in a way that makes it infinitely more interesting. If you’re not familiar with the Weapon X program, I recommend taking a look at my suggested prerequisites for reading new X-Men. For those who are familiar with the mystery and intrigue of Weapon X, just let me say that writer Grant Morrison makes the whole project a ton more complex. The potential to run with Weapon X here is enormous.

New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds also does a good job of giving you a sense of the X-Men’s place in the world now that they’ve established greater openness with the homo sapien population (they being homo superior). This becomes particularly interesting as the X-Men set up mutant teams around the globe to help keep mutants and humans safe.

Of course, the whole point of all this is to prevent another Genosha from happening, and New X-Men Vol 3: New Worlds finally take us to Genosha for a look at the fallout. This is another semi-confusing part of the volume, with a whole lot of half-baked ideas spewing out of one great idea. That said, the events that take place in Genosha in this volume leave you hanging and drooling for more explanation. Looks like we’ll have to wait for another volume, though.


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