Where is Your Ideal Comic Book Reading Location?

Where do you read Comic Books?You’re flying in a canoe when your wheels fall off. The pointed peak of your previously perfect pond-swimmer is now screaming through the azure blue of a bottomless sky. If the bearded seals aboard the StarJammer don’t do something quickly – like now – you will surely plummet to your doom.

Maybe you’ve never had an experience like this. I sure as hell haven’t. Point is, it sounds like one super awful day, and we’ve all had one of those. I had one yesterday, as a matter of fact (tear). And you know the single best cure for super awful days?

(Aside from, you know, the dirty gurty.)

(And possibly any sort of hallucinogenic injections.)

(And I’d probably toss a nice healthy snacking of Wheat Thins into the mix. Incredibly underrated snack crackers. )

It’s comics! And for me, this generally means a trip to my local library to see what they have in stock at the moment. Let me tell you, the haul I pulled in yesterday, especially after the rough day (tear), was exactly what I needed. It was incredible. I’ve hit up this library for comics enough now that I feel like I’ve come close to exhausting their supply. To show up yesterday and find out that this is in no way true, was like what I imagine finding buried treasure is like. You’re walking near a riverbed and then you’re like, “Allan, is that a freaking chest?!” And Allan, you’re good friend, is like, “Yeah it is,” as he puffs out his peculiar pectorals. And you’re already diving into the chest all like, “Maus! Sandman! Walking Dead! This thing is loaded!”

It was a great feeling. Left me with a question for all my valued readers: where do you go for comics? What are the best comic book shops/secret locations around? Is anyone going the digital route and either loving or hating it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! (It’s so fun to talk excitedly to imaginary readers. They get so excited when I write new posts I just want to snuggle up with the cuties!)

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