So What’s Up With Odin’s Thunderbolts?

This Comic Book Blog is the laziestWhat’s up with the blog, huh? I know, I’ve been checking regularly like all of you (for the record, you, my imaginary readers, are incredibly attractive and intelligent. I just thought you should know) and there hasn’t been a post this whole month. What gives?

Well it would seem that this whole NaNoWriMo has gripped my latent literary ambitions and convinced me to spend November writing a novel. Or at least a rough sketch of a novel, but still, that’s a lot of writing practice. As such, OTB will suffer immensely, and all comic related analysis will sit on the back burner for a while.You can follow my NaNoWriMo account here.

The good news: When I come back, I promise to begin the beginner’s guide to Marvel comics that I’ve been promising for so long. For cereal.

The bad news: I’m definitely coming back. Take that suckers (sometimes, even though you’re intelligent and attractive imaginary readers, I also imagine you as hostile. This mostly reflects my own insecurities, most of which stem from conversations with imaginary audiences).

Later Skaters,


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